Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate (CCC)

Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate (CCC)

Course overview

The Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate (CCC) course has been designed to be an informative course that provides an additional layer of proficiency for certified rabies educators. By completing this course, graduates are provided with additional knowledge and best practices for rabies prevention and are thus able to manage various common rabies-related situations within communities.

To do this, the course covers four key aspects as outlined below:

  • Building relationships with community’s authority figures (e.g. community leaders and traditional healers) so that rabies activities can be effective and impactful.
  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of dog vaccination events so that all of the dogs, and community members, can be protected.
  • Giving accurate advice to community members that have been exposed to suspect animals so that they receive the correct treatment.
  • Advocating for proper waste management to reduce free-roaming dogs and prevent unnecessary bite cases.

By completing this course, graduates are empowered to be knowledgeable rabies focal persons that can apply the One Health principles within their community.

Graduates will receive an official certificate of achievement from GARC after completing the course. 

The course is available in English and French.

Entry requirements

Prior completion of the Rabies Educator Certificate.

Program specifications
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