Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Course overview

This course provides the knowledge, conceptual frameworks and tools necessary to run an up-to-date, evidence-based travel medicine service and spark an interest in those who are new to the field.

Teaching will be by staff from the Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at LSHTM, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and the National Travel Health Network & Centre (NaTHNaC); and invited external, national and international speakers eminent in the fields of travel medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology and immunology. 

The course has been running since 2002 and has been attended by more than 1,000 students from many countries around the globe. It is the diversity of the staff and the students that helps to provide such a rich learning environment and leads to many interesting discussions around different practices and policies worldwide.

This course is designed for physicians, nurses and pharmacists who provide a pre-travel health service or, those who are wishing to spark their interest in the field of travel medicine. It aims to provide health care professionals with an opportunity to develop and update their knowledge and skills in travel medicine.


30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits have been awarded by the Royal College of Physicians for this course previously, and we expect the same approval for the next intake.

Methods of assessment

There will be no formal examination or assessment, but a Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those completing the course.

Teaching methods

Teaching will be through a variety of lectures, discussions, role-play, problem solving workshops and the use of technology to access current health information. As part of the course you will be expected to partake in a small group project, which may require some additional work outside the usual lecturing hours of 9am-5pm.


IAMAT Stella & George Bryant Travel Medicine Scholarship

One scholarship for a doctor from a country in South or Central America has been made available by IAMAT, with a preference to those applying from Bolivia, Columbia or Ecuador or in Central America (but not exclusively). As a pre-requisite, applicants will have completed the SLAMVI online course: SLAMVI (see “Educacion” tab). Preference will be given to practitioners with knowledge in travel medicine and the capacity to expand the practice of travel medicine in their country. The scholarship includes the Travel Medicine course at the LSHTM and clinical observation at NaTHNaC and/or the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Entry requirements

The course is open to registered medical practitioners, registered nurses and other health care professionals with an interest in Travel Medicine. It is aimed at those who wish to use and develop their critical thinking skills within a health context to discern best practice and develop their judgement skills in a variety of social and cultural environments.