Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health

Course overview

The goal of the EHESP Master of Public Health (MPH) is to train young professionals to identify the health problems of a population, analyze the resources needed to preserve and improve population health, and progressively become a new generation of decision makers in health.

To achieve this, the EHESP pedagogy stresses an inter-disciplinary approach, consisting in placing students in realistic problem contexts from which they utilize various professional skills and methodologies. The MPH encourages a degree of specialisation according to the students’ career objectives.

The MPH is based on five basic disciplines offered in the core curriculum where the interdisciplinary nature of public health issues is stressed:

  • social & behavior sciences in public health
  • management and analysis of health policies
  • epidemiology
  • information sciences and biostatistics
  • environmental and occupational health sciences
Entry requirements

Students and professionals can apply to this Master if they have at least a Bachelors degree in the following disciplines: economics, political sciences, management, social sciences, law, medicine, pharmacy, biology, veterinary or dentistry schools, engineering schools and a wide variety of scientific subjects.