Nagasaki University Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H)

Nagasaki University Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H)

Course overview

Course overview The Nagasaki Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) is a three month, full time course, taught in Japan and the Philippines. The course was established in 2019 and is taught by lecturers from Japan, UK, the Philippines and other countries. We welcome applications from doctors who are planning to work with international health missions, work in travel clinics, undertaking infectious diseases training, or from those with a general interest in the field.

Aims & objectives The aim of this course is to equip medical doctors with the knowledge and skills to practice medicine and promote public health in resource-limited regions. It also aims to spark research interest in global health and encourage students to go for higher degrees such as Masters and PhDs in related fields.

The course covers important infectious diseases that are prevalent in resource-limited regions including tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV, as well as neglected tropical and non-communicable diseases. The course contains eight academic modules linked with the Master of Tropical Medicine (MTM) course that are taught and assessed in Nagasaki in first 10 weeks of the course, followed by 2 weeks of clinical and public health teaching in San Lazaro Hospital, Manila (1 week) and Leyte (1 week) (subject to travel restrictions). In Nagasaki, the main modes of education are lectures, group discussion and lab practicals. In the Phillippines, bedside teaching,  lectures/discussion and fieldwork in the communities are the main focus.

The course is approved by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), which means graduates can apply to sit the CTropMed exam or the Royal College of Physicians UK DTM&H exam.

Teaching & credit The course is delivered in module format with contents mainly from microbiology, clinical tropical medicine and integrated public health. Total learning time is approximately 320 hours including 240 hours of lectures and self-study and laboratory work and 80 hours of field trip.

Location/accommodation DTM&H course is run in Nagasaki which is one of the historic cities as well as the capital city of Nagasaki Prefecture located in Kyushu island in Japan. Students need to manage their accommodation by themselves. For international students, further information on accommodation options can be provided.

Entry requirements

Medical doctors with 2 years of work experience.

As the course is taught in English, students should have good language ability, but it does not have to be perfect. The course provides a good opportunity to improve your medical English and catch-up sessions for non-native speakers will be provided. If you do not have a certificate of English language test, please contact us. We will evaluate your English language ability with a short writing assignment or interview.