Rabies Healthcare Certificate (RHC)

Rabies Healthcare Certificate (RHC)

Course overview

The Rabies Healthcare Certificate (RHC) is a profession-specific course developed to teach or refresh professionals working in the human healthcare sector regarding aspects of human rabies and its prevention.

To do this, the course covers five key aspects as outlined below:

  • The appropriate use of rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis in humans.
  • The appropriate course of action for when an exposed individual arrives at the healthcare facility.
  • Special considerations for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in humans.
  • The clinical presentation and management of rabies in humans.
  • The laboratory investigation of suspect rabies cases.

The course covers the most updated guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been found to be in-line with all aspects related to rabies vaccination protocols. As such, by completing the course, graduates will have the most up-to-date and relevant information about the prevention and management of human rabies in a clinical setting.

Graduates will receive an official certificate of achievement from GARC after completing the course.

The course is available in English and French.

Entry requirements

Prior completion of the Rabies Educator Certificate.

Program specifications
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