Support for the development of the scientific careers of PALOP researchers

Support for the development of the scientific careers of PALOP researchers


The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is to support, through a tender process, the development of the scientific careers of PALOP researchers in the health sciences field. The objective is to ensure the founding and nurturing of research groups led by young researchers from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe, contributing towards the consolidation of the scientific career structures in these countries and thereby reinforcing not only these scientific systems but also the institutional ties between Portugal and the PALOPs.

The tender process spans two phases: the selection of researchers to attend the eight month internship detailed in the document on “Internship Proposals”. This selection is made by the institutions that host the internships in accordance with the respective CVs of candidates, their appropriateness for the internship and the importance of their research theme to the health policies of the country in which they plan to develop the project. Throughout the internship, researchers are to draft a health sciences research project proposal.

In a second phase, there is the selection, by an external jury, of the best health science research project, developed during the eight month internship and the awarding of a grant for its development in the researcher’s host institution in one of the PALOPs for a period of three years following its due approval.


The tender is open to researchers from the PALOPs, with an age equal to or below 40, who have completed their doctoral degree in the Health Sciences field within the last three years and who aim to begin or continue a scientific career in the PALOPs. This attributes particular weighting to applications from researchers that are studying or residing abroad and who wish to return to their country of origin.